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Powder Pete has an impossible mission at hand: how to defeat the massive Royal Armada before it conquers the town of Hamina.

Luckily for Pete he has the right weaponry for the job...

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MLAIC European Championship

Fun and Simple Touch Controls

Tap on a cannon to select it, pull back to aim and release to fire. Double-tap to select all cannons for extra firepower!

Local and Global Statistics

Every shot fired and enemy sank is noted both in your personal and the global statistics. Are you the best marksman?

Explosive Upgrades

Spend your hard-earned points on bigger guns, or aim for the highest score? More health or faster loading? Optimize your artillery to suit your gameplay!

High Definition Graphics

Beautiful, pixel-perfect visuals optimized by hand for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad.

Facebook Intergration

Compare your progress in the game against your friends in Facebook. Who can survive the longest?

Multiple Enemy Ship Types

Different ships have different attributes. Can you defeat the mighty Galleon?

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